‘Almost shocking. Turned my assumptions upside down’ – Matthew Parris

A real eye-opener, exploding myths on every page.
  • ‘And I thought I’d never see it: a TV presenter developing a deep and thoughtful interest in his subject. Diving beneath the surface where cameras and Autocue cannot follow, Nick Ross explores a theory of crime so simple and universal – and in its way obvious – that it’s almost shocking’ – Matthew Parris
  • ‘Evidence rich, fascinating and beautifully written’ – David Aaronovitch
  • ‘Brilliant. Incisive and full of insight’ – Fiona Bruce
  • ‘Should be compulsory reading for any aspiring Home Secretary and, in the new order of things, PCCs.’ – Lord Imbert (former Commissioner, Metropolitan Police)
  • An amazing tour de force – a true non-fiction page-turner

Nick Ross

Co-founder BBC Crimewatchand UCL Jill Dando Institute